Journal Articles (English)

〈風花雪月的顏色與利刃〉,《華人性文學藝術研究》總第七期,頁5-49,2010 〈香港基督教右派運動的論述建構與發展軌跡––以明光社及香港性文化學會為案例〉,《臺灣社會研究季刊》93期,12 月,臺北:臺灣社會研究學會,頁 133-183,2013 “Many and Two of (a) Kin(d): An Imaginary Dialogue with Hong Kong Independent Filmmaker Yau Ching.” CHINESE HISTORY AND SOCIETY (BERLINER CHINA-HEFTE) Issue 40 (Aug): 127-137, Berlin: Freie Universität, 2012 〈一回頭已是百年身:久違了,唐書璇!〉,《電影藝術》期刊309期,北京:中國電影家協會,頁24-29,2006 “Stigma as Metaphor: Thoughts on Coalition Building across Stigmas,” ROUTER: A JOURNAL OF CULTURAL STUDIES 13 (Autumn), Taipei: Cultural Studies Association, 314-322, 2011 〈香港「基督右派」的新版圖––以紅館喜劇牧師與目標導向牧師為例〉,《中國「性」研究》總36輯,7月,北京:中國人民大學社會學研究所,頁25-39,2016 “Bridges and Battles.” GLQ: JOURNAL OF LESBIAN AND GAY STUDIES 12.4: 604-609, Duke University Press, 2006

2023 Identity dismissed: Hong Kong leftist cinema of the 1950s,” Journal of Chinese Cinemas. 16.3. Oct. DOI 10.1080/17508061.2023.2266122. SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, Scopus.
2022 Film as Material, Art as Muscle,” commissioned essay for M+ Magazine, Hong Kong: M Plus Museum of Visual Culture.
2018 Reimagining Marginality in Hong Kong Comedy Films.” Hong Kong Film Archive Newsletter 86, 21-27
2012 Many and Two of (a) Kin(d): An Imaginary Dialogue with Hong Kong Independent Filmmaker Yau Ching.” Chinese History and Society (Berliner China-Hefte) Issue 40 (Aug): 127-137, Berlin: Freie Universität
2011 Stigmas as Metaphor: Thoughts on Coalition Building Across Stigmas.” Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies 13, Spring. Taipei: Cultural Studies Association, 314-322
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2002 The (Im)possibility of an Institutional Critique––Tang Shu Shuen’s China Behind.” Spectator: Media Journal. Los Angeles: University of Southern California 80-97
2002 “Where Do We Go From Here? – Hong Kong Cinema After 1997.” Flash Art International (Spring)
1997 “Can I have MSG, an egg roll to suck on and some Asian American media on the side?” Fuse. Toronto. 20.1 (Winter): 44-56
1994 “The Sublime Object of Home.” Felix (A Journal of Media Arts and Communication) 2.1: 38-46

Book Reviews (English)

2006 Book review on Angelwings: Contemporary Queer Fiction from Taiwan. Trans. and ed. Fran Martin. Journal of Oriental Studies 41. University of Hong Kong and Stanford University
2006 Book review on Cool Rules: Anatomy of an Attitude. Dick Pountain and David Robins. St. Paul, UK: Reaktion Books. China Times (January 14), Taipei