Video Letters

Video Letters 1-3

Yau Ching / 1993 / 11min / Chinese and English Subtitles

Invited to screen in Berlin Underground, Alexanderplatz Station; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; White Plains Cable TV 34, New York, among others.

“Because I have always been on the move, departing a city and waking up in another country, I find myself writing letters all the time — to people I miss, people I met on the road, people I look forward to meeting… When I grew tired of words (which happened very often), I began writing them in video. Since I was traveling, writing letters in unknown lands, I also had very limited access to technology. I write my video letters with Fisher Price Pixelvision, Super-8, and Hi-8. When I could not find editing facilities I edited them with the camera. They became records of my desires desperately in need of an outlet… When shown in public, they re-invent new meanings in different contexts. They become letters to anyone who can relate to them.” — Yau Ching

1 1’48’’

2 (or, call me an essentialist) 3’20’’

3 Why would a letter have a title? 5’20’’


Taiwan Women Film’s Association Database: Video Letters

Expired Memories, [Reload_HK] Video Shorts Screening@Cattle Depot Unit 15, 30/06/2017-29/07/2017

Lucretia Knapp, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” essay translated into Chinese and published in the exhibition catalog for “The Future in Past Tense–A Retrospective of Yau Ching’s Film and Video Art,” Guangdong Times Museum, China, 2013-2014.


V Tape

Electronic Arts Intermix

Still from VIDEO LETTER 3