Invited speaker, “Black and white vs. paradoxical ambiguity: Historicity in Hong Kong popular culture,” organized by The House of Hong Kong Literature, Cattle Deport Artist Village, 2017. [Live Video]

“Between Family-State Love and Romance: Return of the Swallows (1948) and The Sisters’ Tragic Love (1953)” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2017

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Center for Chinese Studies, National Central Library, Taiwan, 2016

“Fengyue in Pearl River Delta During Late Qing and Early Republican China,” Center for Chinese Studies, Taiwan, 2016

Panelist, “Sisterhood is forever: Family-nation in 1930s Chinese cinemas”, “Sexuality Studies for 20 Years” Conference, organized by Taiwan National Central University, 2015
Photo: [1]

“Predicament and Reconstitution of Family and Nation: The Light of Women (1937)” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2015

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Diasporama: Dead Air (1997)

June 30, 1997 (1997)

The Ideal/Na(rra)tion (1993)

Flow (1993)