I’m Starving

I’m Starving

Yau Ching / 1999 / 12 min / English / Chinese Subtitles

Silver Award, Open Competition, Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards; Silver Prize, Brno 16 Film Festival, Czech Republic

I’m Starving is an erotic love tale between a ghost and a woman who share a small apartment in New York’s Chinatown. The ghost who eats paper money and Chinese takeout menus contrasts starkly with the woman who thrives on instant ramen noodles; both, haunted by their landlord, decide eventually to invent a future together.


Taiwan Women Film’s Association Database: I’m Starving

I’m Starving Chinese and English Subtitles

I’m Starving Script

I’m Starving Leaflet

Yau, Ching (2012) “Many and Two of (a) Kin(d): An Imaginary Dialogue with Hong Kong Independent Filmmaker Yau Ching.” Chinese History and Society (Berliner China-Hefte) Issue 40 (Aug): 127-137, Berlin: Freie Universität


Eve Ng, “The Work of Hong Kong Filmmaker Yau Ching,” 09/06/2013


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Poster for I’M STARVING Still from I’M STARVING Still from I’M STARVING Still from I’M STARVING Still from I’M STARVING Directing I’M STARVING, New York, 1998