Stripping Skirts and Trousers

STRIPPING SKIRTS AND TROUSERS, Chun Hung Ching Press, 1999 (First Edition)  STRIPPING SKIRTS AND TROUSERS, Taiwan: Mirage, 2011 (Reprint)

1999 《裙拉褲甩》,香港:珍熊靜出版社;臺灣:蜃樓,2011 復刻
Stripping Skirts and Trousers, Chun Hung Ching Press, 1999 (First Edition), Taiwan: Mirage, 2011 (Reprint)

A collection of essays and poems by Yau Ching from 1980s-1990s. First published by two artist-writer friends Cheung King Hung and Chan Fung Chen in 1999, reprinted by Mirage Press (Taiwan) in 2011. “Stripping Skirts and Trousers” was the name of a daily newspaper column Yau Ching wrote in the 1980s-1990s.


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