July Forum: “Rethinking Socialism: Hong Kong Handover 20th Anniversary, Where to go?,” Taipei Hakka Cultural Center Conference Room, organized by Colloud and New International, 2017. [Transcript]

“‘The Trembling Governor’ – ‘Progressive’ Sexual Governance in Colonial History,” Association for Taiwan Social Studies Annual Conference, Taiwan Fu Jen University, 2016
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“Populist Moral Discourse in Hong Kong Christian Right and Coloniality,” The 5th Chinese Sexuality Studies International Conference, organized by Institute of Sexuality and Gender, Renmin University of China, Beijing, 2015

Talk of “Hong Kong Christian Culture and Gay Rights Movement”, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, 2015
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“The (Re)making of the Hong Kong Ethic in 1950s Hong Kong Leftist Cinema,” “Neomoralism Under Neoliberalism” International Conference, Lingnan University, 2014

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“Seminar in Current Cultural Issues: The Stephen Chow Phenomenon,” Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, 2007-2008

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Diasporama: Dead Air (1997)