Public Education

Public Education

“Between Family-State Love and Romance: Return of the Swallows (1948) and The Sisters’ Tragic Love (1953).” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2017

Book Launch of Floating Shadows: Yau Ching’s Critical Writings on Film 1987-2016, The House of Hong Kong Literature, 2017
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Post-Screening Q&A of Diasporama: Dear Air, “Hong Kong Documentary Retrospective 1980-1997,” organized by Hong Kong Actual Images Association, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 2017
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From The Price of Salt to Carol: The new closet of global gay politics,” Vixen’s Venue, Taipei, organized by Taiwan Gender and Sexuality Rights Association (G/SRAT), 2016.

Lecturer, “Hong Kong Literature Lecture II: Poetry from Hong Kong Literature Anthology”, The House of Hong Kong Literature, 2016

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“Bad Kids and Me,” YiXi, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2016

“The Line Between Picking or Not Picking Wild Flowers: Where is the Lady’s Home? (1947) and Wild Flowers Are Sweeter (1959).” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2016

“Sex/Gender Politics in 1950’s South China Left-wing Film Movement,” Marxism Festival Hong Kong, The Coming Society, 2016

Speaker, “Righteousness of Foul Language?: Campus Democracy and Student Autonomy” Forum, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2015

“Across Media: Sharpening the Private and the Public,” You Yu Yi Book Launch, Xueeryou Bookstore, Guangzhou, 2015

You Yu Yi Book Launch, Kishu An Forest of Literature, Taipei, 2015

“Documentary Workshop – Why is Yellow in the Middle of Rainbow?”, Ying E Chi, 2015
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Invited writer, “4×10 Comic Exhibition,” Consumer Council 40th Anniversary, various public sites in Hong Kong and Kowloon, 2015
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“Predicaments and Reconstitution of Family and Nation: The Light of Women (1937).” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2015

“Literature and Memory” Symposium: Cities as Remembered in Literature, The 10th Hong Kong Literary Festival, Hong Kong Central Library Lecture Theatre, 2014
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Literature Workshop Leader, “Our Land, Our People” – Renaissance Foundation Summer Camp 2014, Kadoorie Centre, Hong Kong University

“Hair of the Egg, Shadows of Poetry — Yau Ching’s Poems,” Guangzhou Union Bookstore, 2014

Mobile Democracy Classroom 2014, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Talk with Amber Hollibaugh, Leo & Hans Huang: “Sex Governance and Self-determination,” Guangzhou, 2014

Q/A after Screening of We Are Alive, The 12th Hong Kong Social Movement Film Festival, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2014

“The Future in Past Tense, Voices in Silence––A Retrospective of Yau Ching’s Film and Video Art,” Guangdong Times Museum, China, 12/2013-1/2014
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Talk with Li Waiyee: “GdotTV Launch Celebration: When Gender/Sex Education Meets New Media,” Hong Kong Rainbow Centre, 2008

Media Workshop, Nutong Xueshe, 2008
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Media Workshop, Nutong Xueshe, 2007

Panelist, Seminar on “Li Han-hsiang’s Con and Porn.” Hong Kong Film Archive, 2007

“In/Out: 1st Hong Kong Tongzhi Art Exhibition”, Hong Kong Cultural Center, 2007 (Curated by Yau Ching and organized by Nutong Xueshe)
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“On In/Out, 1st Hong Kong Tongzhi Art Exhibition,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Vol. 8 No. 4, Dec 2007 

Invited Speaker, “Exploring the Language and Aesthetics of Female Authorship in Chinese Cinemas.” Women Make Waves Forum, Taiwan, 2003

Seminar, “Girl Play: 1st Hong Kong International Women’s Theatre Festival,” Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2001

“Video Ensemble” Workshop, Videotage, Oil Street, 1999