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External Examiner for Yang Feng Lin, PhD candidate in Gender Studies, “Development and Social Debates of Taiwan Conservative Christian Movement.” Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2017

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“‘The Trembling Governor’ – ‘Progressive’ Sexual Governance in Colonial History,” Association for Taiwan Social Studies Annual Conference, Taiwan Fu Jen University, 2016
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“Fengyue in Pearl River Delta During Late Qing and Early Republican China,” Center for Chinese Studies, Taiwan, 2016

Staged Reading of The Malady of Death: Écrire et Liredirected by Haegue Yang, curated by Mobile M+: Live Art, Sunbeam Theatre, 2015
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Panelist, “Sisterhood is forever: Family-nation in 1930s Chinese cinemas”, “Sexuality Studies for 20 Years” Conference, organized by Taiwan National Central University, 2015
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“Coming Together @ Sixteen”, Gender and Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan, 2015

“Predicament and Reconstitution of Family and Nation: The Light of Women (1937)” Talk by Commissioned Scholar, Hong Kong Film Archive, 2015
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Q&A with Amber Hollibaugh, Screening of Heart of the Matter, “Neomoralism Under Neoliberalism” International Conference, Lingnan University, 2014
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Talk with Amber Hollibaugh, Leo & Hans Huang: “Sex Governance and Self-determination,” Guangzhou, 2014

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Media Workshop, Nutong Xueshe, 2008
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IDAHO (The International Day Against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia), Hong Kong, 2008
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Talk with Li Waiyee: “GdotTV Launch Celebration: When Gender/Sex Education Meets New Media,” Hong Kong Rainbow Centre, 2008

External Examiner for Janet Pang, MPhil candidate in Gender Studies, “Herstories of Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.” Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2008

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“In/Out: 1st Hong Kong Tongzhi Art Exhibition”, Hong Kong Cultural Center, 2007 (Curated by Yau Ching and organized by Nutong Xueshe)
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